The average tariff for water supply and sanitation for residents in Spain is around €1.50/m3, which is below the EU average. There are large variations between cities and regions. In a large city such as Barcelona, the average monthly costs for a family with one child will be around €20-25. Most municipalities charge a standing quarterly or monthly fee for minimum consumption (canon de consumo) regardless of whether any water has actually been used. Some areas with private suppliers may charge a higher water rate for holiday homeowners. Water bills usually include sewerage and may also include other services such as refuse collection in some municipalities.

Water bills in Spain can be paid monthly or quarterly and can be paid in various ways including by direct debit. Make sure you don’t get into arrears with your bill as you will risk being cut off and then having to pay a re connection fee.  

On the Malaga Coast the main water companies are Acosol, Hidralia & Aguas de Benahavis.

Your bills is made out of fixed costs and consumption.

  • Fixed Costs: Renting of the meter, Sewage costs & cannon costs.
  • Consumption costs: Depending on your consumption